With the app economy continually growing, sectors as diverse as retail, transportation, financial services and government are expected to play a key role in future growth. Having an all-in-one mobile testing solution to configure and test mobile devices is essential.

Getting an app to market involves significant investments in IT infrastructure and developer resources. It also requires extensive testing to ensure a high-quality user experience across multiple devices and operating systems.  Rahi Systems has developed enclosures that facilitate mobile app development and testing, optimizing developer productivity and operational efficiency.

Rahi Systems, in partnership with Enconnex, has developed a fully integrated solution for mobile app development labs. Unique in the industry, the solution allows you to deploy up to 1,000 mobile devices in a single rack that incorporates compute, storage, networking and power resources. Sliding shelves include trays that hold mobile devices in place and pull out completely for easy access to all devices in the tray.

Massive-scale cooling is built into the rack so it can be used virtually anywhere. The Rahi mobile app engineering solution also helps to reduce power consumption, increase cooling efficiency and lower operating costs in your test and development lab.

Key Benefits:

  • Integrated solution for mobile devices
  • Completely customizable
  • Fan door optional to ensure your devices don’t overheat
  • Option to be configured to fit Enconnex’s RF Shielded Cabinet
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