Systems administrators need an efficient means of accessing and controlling IT equipment, whether it’s centralized in the data center or deployed in remote locations. Rahi Systems is a leading provider of KVM switches, console servers and related equipment, and can help you select the right tools for your environment.

KVM switches

KVM switches allow operators to control multiple computers from a single keyboard, monitor and mouse, saving time, money, space and power. There are two types of KVMs, each with distinct advantages:


  • Easy to integrate with existing network infrastructure
  • No distance limitations
  • Gives multiple users concurrent access to the same computer
  • Provides unlimited expandability with a predictable cost per added switch


  • Securely isolated from the WAN / Internet
  • Does not need any fixed IP addresses or router ports
  • Enables more users to access various computers on one switch
  • Instantaneous video and mouse response
  • High video quality, with support for high pixel resolutions and color depth
  • Lower cost per port

KVM over IP Switches provide remote access to computers across a LAN / WAN, the Internet or even ISDN / 56K modem. KVM over IP devices enable out-of-band management for remote power cycling and BIOS-level access.

Serial console servers

Serial console servers provide secure, remote access to IT assets and console port management for serial-based servers and network appliances. Sometimes referred to as serial terminal servers, these tools enable administrators to access routers, switches and firewalls, Windows and Unix / Linux servers, PBXs, and other devices with a serial console port. They enable administrators to easily perform out-of-band management of IT assets from anywhere in the world.

  • Enables the management of IT assets from virtually anywhere, even during system or network outages
  • Allows administrator to monitor and respond to issues on globally distributed networks from a central location
  • Maximizes uptime and continuity with real-time notifications and access
  • Minimizes system disruptions and mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Saves time and minimizes costs with smart, consolidated management

IPMI and BMC managers

IPMI and BMC managers consolidate IPMI and BMC technology, significantly reducing deployment costs. These appliances require only one external IP address and Ethernet switch port for all connected devices. By isolating and protecting the connected IPMI ports from the external network, IPMI and BMC managers provide secure and efficient rack-level management with seamless integration into the management infrastructure.

  • Provides serial over LAN, power control, hardware monitoring and Direct Command, a feature that enables transparent, secure access to the service processor’s native interface
  • Consolidates IP connections, user access and server health information
  • Provides comprehensive security with local and remote authentication, authorization, auditing and encryption
  • Physically separates service processor connections from public networks, allowing server access to authorized users only
  • Enables management of HP iLO, IPMI, Dell DRAC, IBM RSA II, Sun ALOM, blade servers and others
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