Many organizations spend 80 percent of their IT budgets simply “keeping the lights on,” with only 20 percent left for innovation. As data centers become denser and more complex, organizations need infrastructure management tools to get a better handle on these operational costs. Rahi Systems helps customers choose and invest in appropriate infrastructure management solutions with a goal of 100 percent ROI within 24 months. Our infrastructure management offerings include the following:

Access and Control Solutions

Access and control solutions provide a vendor-neutral and technology-agnostic interface for managing physical and virtual IT infrastructure. Administrators can easily access and control server, storage, networking and smart power devices through a single pane of glass. Rahi Systems provides NodeGrid from ZPE Systems to create a unique software-defined infrastructure solution.

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) tools enable the holistic management of space, power and cooling. These tools monitor the data center environment, providing the data you need to control power and cooling costs, maximize resource utilization, track assets and plan for future capacity needs. Rahi Systems offers solutions from Emerson Electric and Schneider Electric, two of the biggest players in the DCIM market.

Environmental and Asset Monitoring Solutions

Environmental and assets monitoring solutions help you better manage your physical environment and track the assets within your data center. Rahi Systems has partnered with APC, RF Code and TrackX to offer solutions that have been proven in large-scale environments. We also have the expertise to put them to work for you.

Our Partners

Make Infrastructure management easy by gaining access and control over all your IT assets/devices, even with multiple vendors. Experience the freedom of Open Infrastructure Management™ with NodeGrid from ZPE.

Nlyte was the first to deliver the industry’s benchmark for Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) that helps organizations around the world manage infrastructure in their own data centers, colocation, and managed service facilities.

Through our partnership with Sunbird, we can help our customers identify how their assets are connected at the power and data port level with their high-end DCIM solution.

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