Cooling is one of the most costly components of your data center operations and one of the most difficult to manage. In the past, most data center cooling units operated at the floor or building level. Rahi Systems specializes in IT-level cooling products that can dramatically improve the cooling efficiency of your environment.

Modular in-row cooling

Modular in-row cooling integrates with a row of data center racks, providing cooling close to the heat source for efficient temperature and humidity management. We offer building-sourced chilled water and refrigerant-based solutions to meet the requirements of your environment.

Adiabatic cooling

Adiabatic cooling systems use water evaporation to cool your environment without compressors, refrigerants or pumps. We offer the [email protected] adiabatic cooling technology in a wide range of modules with capacities from 10kW to 400kW. Its counter-flow heat exchanger design is the most efficient on the market, reducing both operational costs and environmental impacts.

Blanking panels

Blanking panels are the low-hanging fruit in any cooling environment. By installing blanking panels you can keep cold air from bypassing equipment and mixing with hot exhaust air, immediately improving cooling efficiencies for a modest investment. We offer 1U, 2U and 4U tool-less, snap-in blanking panels, and rolling shade blanking panels with 4U to 45U capacity.

Hot- and cold-aisle containment systems

Hot- and cold-aisle containment systems focus the flow of the cold air on your IT equipment while minimizing any mixing with hot exhaust air. Rahi offers a variety of aisle-containment solutions, including rigid aluminum, metal and fiber-reinforced plastic products.

Cooling Professional Services

Proper design and installation of cooling equipment is critical to cooling efficiency. Rahi’s data center infrastructure professionals can help you choose the right options and ensure that your environment maintains uniform, efficient airflows. Our professional services include:

  • Cooling assessments and operational audits
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Design and implementation of cooling systems
  • Reconfiguration of equipment to improve airflow

Our Partners

 Enconnex in-row cooling units provide maximum performance in a small footprint, delivering three times greater efficiency than competitive products.
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