The core roadblock to many enterprises is how to handle the massive amounts of data under management. Backing up, migrating, classifying, archiving, and monetizing data is just the start. Customers who have large storage portfolios may want to condense their overall footprint through moving older data into public cloud, but simultaneously want to place data critical to the business on the fastest storage available today. Figuring out what data goes where and who should have access impacts everything an IT organization does.

Rahi believes in assessing a customer’s existing storage and data strategy to ensure it aligns well with the broader business, financial and technical objectives of the company as a whole. This is especially important for customers incorporating data migrations and modernization into their hybrid or multi-cloud strategy.

Rahi offers two ELEVATE storage and data assess service packages to help customers identify the current storage or data environments and to provide guidance on how best to move, upgrade or modernize their existing infrastructure and cloud storage platforms.

Storage Infrastructure Assessment

  • 60-120 minute call between Rahi Systems and customer
  • Identify existing storage assets, protocols, capacities, and performance
  • Review inventory and cost analysis requirements
  • Provide overview report of environment and next steps to Storage Plan

Data Migration (On-Prem or Cloud) Workshop

  • 2-day on-site or remote workshop with the customer to collect business, financial, technical requirements with key stakeholders
  • Install virtualization inventory tools for collection and analysis of virtualization and storage environments
  • Review inventory and cost analysis for on-premise and cloud use cases with comparisons
  • Provide a detailed report of the environment and steps to Storage Plan


Companies with any history of storage and cloud migrations know it can be a real struggle to move large amounts of data from one location to another, particularly when it involves a new data center or co-location facility, or will be used by new systems in a public cloud environment. Creating a plan that revolves around a customer’s data ensures that the applications and platforms, once moved, will start correctly and without data loss. This is especially important for new protocol implementations, such as moving from block storage to object storage. Building a plan also allows for the development of storage and data consumption models, including cost details based on storage efficiencies and growth needs.

Rahi has the storage team available to review a storage or migration assessment and build out the requirements for migration, including security, replication time, networking implications, cutover needs, and identity and access changes necessary to ensure backups and disaster recovery replication is working effectively. Rahi offers an ELEVATE Storage Plan package for customers who want assistance with building their storage upgrade or migration objectives.

Storage and Data Plan

  • Identify at least one target storage infrastructure platform to upgrade or migrate
  • Execute architecture, operations, and infrastructure kickoff reviews (on-site or remote) with key stakeholders
  • Build reference architecture for the new environment including application access to data
  • Provide projected cost analysis report
  • Provide detailed design documentation for operations, infrastructure and application teams
  • Identify workload dependency mappings where exposed from the storage infrastructure
  • Review data replatform opportunities such as replication to a PaaS or SaaS configuration
  • Create a full project plan with staging, testing, and migration to the new storage environment


Once a proper storage plan has been created, either for upgrade or migration, the next steps are to implement the plan. Taking into consideration downtime windows, application upgrades, server moves, or other infrastructure changes occurring while the storage is being transitioned to its new home, Rahi looks at all aspects of the data and storage environment to ensure a successful transition to the new configuration.

Rahi offers an ELEVATE Implement package built around the successful execution of an ELEVATE Storage Plan, focused on delivering on the documented objectives and outcomes.

Storage and Data Implementation

  • Follow ELEVATE Storage Plan framework for execution
  • Map downtime windows and key stakeholders during execution phases
  • Verify logs and metrics are properly sent to customer monitoring and management platform(s)
  • Map timeline(s) and downtime window(s)
  • Open and manage support cases with storage vendors proactively to cover support escalations during migration
  • Review rollback plans (if defined)
  • Provide detailed report post-migration, including remediation activities needed for future transitions


Once a customer has transitioned their data and storage to the new environment, Rahi can continue to provide value to these customers through the ELEVATE managed services team. Customers can hand over monitoring and SLAs for their storage and data infrastructure to ensure performance, capacity, backups, and replication are in line with business and technical requirements. Rahi’s strategic relationships with enterprise storage companies allow us to ensure customers are on the latest releases and have the most up-to-date access to vendor information. With Rahi’s managed services team, customers can reliably hand their cloud project environments to a dedicated staff running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year, ensuring our customer SLAs are maintained.

Rahi offers two ELEVATE service packages for storage to help customers offload their operational costs to a partner dedicated to a customer’s storage and data management success.

Storage and Data Monitoring

  • Create a set of SLAs based on current storage and data infrastructure layout
  • Create logging identities for proper reporting and monitoring
  • Tie storage and data infrastructure into Rahi’s NOC for support E-mails, calls or texts
  • Establish an escalation plan for customer notification and response based on priority and severity

Technical Account Management for Storage and Data

  • [Prerequisite] Add-on for Storage Monitoring
  • Dedicated engineer to manage your capacity, performance and growth requirements
  • Focused on proactive SLA management and improvement
  • Primary point of contact to key customer executive stakeholders
  • Delivers all reports to the client on a weekly and monthly basis
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